Twenty-two-year-old Elizabeth Short was found brutally murdered on January 15, 1947. She was severed at the waist and left naked in a vacant lot in the Los Angeles area. The newspapers nicknamed her the “Black Dahlia” after a film noir murder mystery, The Blue Dahlia, which was released nine months prior to her murder. The Los Angeles Police Department proceeded with a deep and lengthy investigation into Elizabeth Short’s death. After shifting through a list of hundreds of suspects, many false reports and witnesses, and several false murder confessions, the police struggled to make progress in the murder case. The Black Dahlia would quickly become one of Los Angeles’s most infamous cases, and the case still remains unsolved almost seventy years later.


The purpose of this website is to tell Elizabeth Short’s story. Reading should start on the leftmost page and continue in consecutive order throughout all pages to gather the most information with the least amount of confusion. This website is not meant to directly state the author’s own opinion on the Black Dahlia case. Instead, the website is meant to educate the reader on the background, investigation, and suspects involved. It then addresses theories surrounding the case and is meant to leave the reader understanding the most probable suspects and stories of what occurred in the case.


Many of the sources used in this website come from amateur investigators. The only information with known credibility concerns Elizabeth Short’s life, the crime scene, physical and testimonial evidence, and suspects where police involvement is explicitly mentioned. This information can be traced back to newspapers and police reports at the time, and some of it can be connected to the FBI files publicly released. The FBI did not have full jurisdiction in this case, so the missing information can be found in the LAPD’s files. The majority of these files have not been released to the public, leading civilians to develop further suspects and theories behind Elizabeth Short’s death.

About the Author

My name is Morgan Korzik, and this website was originally a final project for an Honors English with a Focus in Law course at UNC Chapel Hill. I am a B.S. Biology major with a chemistry minor and plan to go into the forensics field. I do not claim to be an investigator or expert on the Black Dahlia case. This website was formally completed on December 2, 2016. This website was last updated on December 23, 2017.