Dr. Patrick O‚ÄôReilly was a medical doctor who had known Elizabeth Short through Mark Hansen. According to the Los Angeles District Attorney’s files, O’Reilly was close friends with Hansen and frequented the nightclub that Hansen owned around the time of the murder. O’Reilly also allegedly “attended sex parties at Malibu” with Hansen (Harmon, 2012).

O’Reilly had been convicted of assault with a deadly weapon for “taking his secretary to a motel and sadistically beating her almost to death apparently for no other reason than to satisfy his sexual desires without intercourse,” the District Attorney’s files stated. This meant that O’Reilly had a history of violent crimes with sexual motivation.

The files noted that O’Reilly’s right pectoral had been surgically removed, which was similar to the mutilation present on Elizabeth Short’s body. It should be noted that O’Reilly was once married to the daughter of one of the LAPD captains.

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